"We've topped up our team's CPF to allow them to strengthen their English skills with Lingueo!"


Digimium's English language training has solved several problems related to communication with their international clients.

Prior to the training, Digimium employees had difficulty communicating effectively in English, which could lead to misunderstandings and delays in projects.


The training helped build the team's confidence and language skills, improving the quality of their communication with their international customers. This has resulted in stronger customer relationships and improved customer satisfaction.

By investing in the training of its team, Digimium has also shown its commitment to the professional development of its employees, thus strengthening their motivation and loyalty to the company.

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Interview with :

Olivier Mouilleseaux
General Manager
Hello Olivier, can you tell us about Digimium's decision to invest in English courses for your team?

Olivier: Hello, yes of course. At Digimium, we have always emphasized the importance of communication with our customers, and we understood that to further improve our relationship with our foreign customers, it was crucial that our team could speak their language.

That's why we decided to invest time and money in quality English courses for our team.

Lingueo: And what were the results of this investment?

Olivier: The results have been remarkable. Our employees quickly improved their English and gained confidence in their interactions with our international clients.

We have received positive feedback from our customers, who have noted a marked improvement in the quality of our communication. This has had a positive impact on our business and on our customers' satisfaction.

Lingueo: How were the courses received by Digimium employees?

Olivier: Our employees were very motivated to take these English courses. They understood the importance of the investment we were making in their professional development, and they worked very hard to improve their English.

I am proud to say that all our employees now speak English very well.

Lingueo: And what are your plans for the future in terms of training your team?

Olivier: We believe that the continuous training of our team is essential to our long-term success. We will continue to encourage and support the training of our team to improve our competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

This is a top priority for us at Digimium.

Lingueo: Have you noticed an improvement in customer satisfaction since your team improved their English skills with Lingueo courses?

Olivier: Absolutely. Since our team has improved their English skills through Lingueo's courses, we have seen a marked improvement in the satisfaction of our international clients.

We have received positive feedback on the quality of our communication and our clients have expressed their appreciation for our efforts to better understand them and meet their needs.

We believe that improving customer satisfaction is closely linked to our investment in training our team in English, and we are delighted with the results we have achieved so far.

Lessons learned from this mission, on the Lingueo side

We have learned that educating our clients about financial schemes such as CPF can be beneficial for all involved. It can help generate interesting projects and strengthen collaboration, providing professional development opportunities for our clients.

This shows the importance of making our clients aware of training schemes and investing in their professional development.

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