"The goal is to flesh out my resume to make it more attractive to my employers."


Acquire the English skills necessary to communicate effectively in a professional context, overcoming fears related to oral expression.


Gaël's Lingueo training allowed him to improve his level of English from A1 to B1, which allowed him to express himself more easily and opened the doors to a job.

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Unemployed at time of training
Hello Gaël, thank you for accepting this interview with us today. Can you tell me about your experience with Lingueo? What were your expectations before starting the training and how were they met?

At first I was a bit worried, but the Lingueo team quickly reassured me by introducing me to their method. And when I started my private lessons, I was even more reassured thanks to my teacher, who was attentive to my fears and helped me to progress each week.

What did you like about the Lingueo course? What do you think are the strong points of this course?

I really appreciated the customer service team, always available and attentive to my needs, as well as my trainer. I had the impression that I was accompanied by a human team that was receptive to my needs. The best part is that it really worked: I made more progress in English than ever before.

Can you tell me how you have used the resources offered by Lingueo (online courses, exercises, tutoring, etc.)? Did you find them useful? If so, how?

I was impressed with the resources offered by Lingueo: the online courses were tailored to my needs, the exercises were adapted to my former profession, and my trainer was very accommodating to my availability. It was really great.

Do you think the Lingueo training helped you in your job search? How did you apply the skills you learned in your job applications and interviews?

The Lingueo training was an undeniable asset in my job search. Thanks to this training, I gained a self-confidence and aplomb that I didn't have before, which allowed me to present myself more serenely during job interviews. In addition, when I applied for positions requiring English skills, my recruiter immediately perceived that I had the necessary ease to communicate in English, which is largely due to the training I received at Lingueo. In summary, the Lingueo training was a real asset in my job search.

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