"Our Lingueo representative has always been attentive and responsive. As for the trainers, offering personalized training that takes into account specific needs is a real plus."


Accompany the prestigious hotel group in its language training action during the period of confinements, in order to increase the competence of all its employees in anticipation of the return of the international clientele.


After a personalized diagnosis, we set up customized training courses with content and volumes adapted to each person's job. At the end of the training, all the learners showed greater confidence in their ability to serve an international clientele.

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Interview with :

Mathilde Lequenne
HR Manager @Hostellerie de Levernois
When you contacted Lingueo, what was your training need?

With the crisis of the covid, our activity has known a net stop because of the confinements. We wanted to take advantage of this time to think about improving the skills of our employees. The priority was to improve each employee's command of English in view of the particularity of our activity: the luxury hotel business.‍‍

‍Whatoccupations were affected by this training need, and what skills were sought?

All professions were concerned! In the hotel industry with an international clientele, every employee is likely to speak with a client, as a courtesy, to inform them or to give them practical information about their stay in our establishment.

Two learner profiles were identified: on the one hand, those who were already fluent in their professional English and who needed to review grammar/conjugation or accent notions. On the other hand, employees with a low level of English wishing to review or learn the basics for practice in a professional setting.

Quels ont été les atouts de Lingueo pour répondre au besoin de l'Hostellerie de Levernois ?

The proximity and friendliness of our Lingueo contacts are among their assets, beyond the quality and expertise of their training courses.

For the management of FNE files as well as the follow-up of the learners' progress, our Lingueo referent has always been attentive and reactive by e-mail as well as by telephone.

As far as the trainers are concerned, the fact that they make a preliminary diagnosis of each student's level and offer personalized training that takes into account their specific needs is a real plus. The face-to-face approach offered by video is reassuring and stimulating.

How did the training take shape?

We offered all employees the possibility of taking a 30-hour language course. Once their requests had been validated internally, we put together the funding applications via the FNE-Formation with the help of Lingueo. Then, each employee was free to organize his or her own training hours.

How does the training respond to the daily professional life of your employees?

As HR, we were keen to give everyone the opportunity to improve their English skills.

In the luxury hotel industry, the international dimension is very present. Training in English is an opportunity for everyone to increase their employability for their current position but also for their future.

Did the training lead to other training needs?

Certains nous ont déjà fait part de leur envie de suivre une formation complémentaire pour accroître encore leur niveau.

Nous allons mener une réflexion sur un module d’une quinzaine d’heures pour ceux qui le souhaitent.

Lessons learned from this mission, on the Lingueo side

This collaboration with the Hostellerie de Levernois group was an opportunity to develop our ability to optimize the volume of hours of each training course, allocating, with the approval of the OPCO, hours of training to the learners who would need them most.

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